About Kaamchor

Hi Friends,

Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se is a kitchen for lazy foodies. It was started in 2013, with a simple mission to share quick, easy and healthy recipes.  KKRS shares delicious and quick dishes that leads to happy and healthy life like mine a true Kaamchor. KKRS is a registered brand with fans across the globe.

I wasn’t a born cook.  Not by a long shot.  I grew into being a cook. I never had any inclination to cook for myself or for any specific occasion…It was always the ingredients that have given me an idea…thought…inspiration to make something out of the world…  Sometimes I was praised for something I cooked and realized I might have a knack, an aptitude, an ability to prepare food.  In between the praise, I ate a lot of mistakes!  Often I was the brunt of jokes born from some culinary fiasco.  For me, every time I failed in the kitchen I kept returning to try to correct the failure – attempting to make the recipe better – becoming more efficient and savvy in the kitchen.  I wanted to take charge.  The kitchen was mine!  And frankly, no one was fighting me for it.


For me, embracing cooking helped me fight loneliness and eased me through a really tough time in my life.  The act of cooking continues to help me negotiate rough patches in life.  It gives me a productive activity that allows me to think things through.  I am so grateful at my core to be able to cook.

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t.

There’s a lot in store for a food lover on Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se,

  • Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se: Fun Food Facts…UMmMMM
  • Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se: Smart Shortcut Secrets…SSssSsHHh!
  • Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se: Time for a chota Food BreAaaKkkKk!

And loads of easy, instant and delicious recipes!!

We also design and provide customized solutions to brands. Some of the brands we had on board Pizza Hut, Buckets and Tuckets, Sabkuch Food Plaza.

Tipit Aggarwal

Ab khana banana pareshani nahi,
Easy and Quick Fun
hai just cook it in
Kaamchor Style!

With Kaamchor Tipti Aggarwal

Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se…It will make you feel so mindless in a tasteful way!

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6 thoughts on “About Kaamchor

  1. After a long stressful day the only one things makes us happy is good. Food is something that Rejuvenates you completely and making it, is always a task. Therefore a quick receipe helps at this minute.

    Thanks KKRS for sharing such quite mades and making us happy.


  2. This is really embarking.We are all food lovers and food makers in our own different way.The trait of “kaamchor”lies in all of us..but let me tell you this blog of yours serves amazing recipes,thought and passion you instill makes it more fun loving for followers like us. 🙂

    Keep rocking and share your yummylicious
    food food with us so we can savor and relish..

    Neha Jain Thakkar

    Liked by 1 person

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