Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se…Insta Mini Oreo Cupcakes!

Cooking With Love…  Provides Food For “The Soul”

Mini Oreo Cupcakes…No Baking…No Sugar…No Preservatives…a quick..heavenly..delight..only on my blog!

A blissful, yummy,cute little indulgence in a cup.This treat combines a rich, velvety chocolate, delicate, tasty cupcake..The best Mini Oreo Cupcakes, EVER that will have everyone coming back for more…Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes with Cookies & Cream Frosting. It’s an insta and a perfect choice for birthday parties, kitty parties, high-teas, pajamas parties.

Let’s get started with such an unexpected and delightful treat.

25 -30 minutes: Mini Oreo Cupcakes

Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se: #Sweet#Creamy #Treat!


  • Oreo: 1 package Oreo Cookies, regular size
  • Butter- 1-2 tbsp (at room temperature)
  • Vanilla Essence: 1/2 tsp
  • Bread Crumbs: 1 cup
  • Nutella: 11/2 tbsp
  • Whipped Cream: For Frosting
  • Chocolate Sauce: To Garnish
  • Chocolate Chips: To Garnish


Step 1:

a) Grind the cookies in a food processor and remove it in a bowl. Add melted butter and mix well.

b) Take mini silicon cups and put a small portion of oreo mixer in it, use hands to give shape of a cup. Refrigerate it for 10 – 15 minutes.

Step 2:

a) While cupcakes are getting refrigerated, put the whipped cream in a deep bowl, add vanilla essence, blend it well on a low to high-speed until it becomes soft and creamy. Using spatula fill the frosting in a piping bag and keep it aside.

b) Take bread crumbs, add nutella to it, mix it well and make small chocolate balls to place in the oreo cupcakes.

Step 3:

a) Take out the chilled oreo cupcakes, remove it from the silicon base, place each piece on a plate.

b) Now, gently place chocolate balls on each cupcake one by one and press it smoothly. Pipe out swirls of your choice on each cupcake. Garnish it with chocolate chips and sauce. Refrigerate it for another 5-10 minutes and it’s ready to serve!!

Tip: In place of Nutella you can also mix peanut butter in bread crumbs to add a different flavour.

KKRS Oreo Cupcake

With Kaamchor Tipti Aggarwal

Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se…It will make you feel so mindless in a tasteful way!

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