Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se…Cooking and BEYOND!

#‎kaamchorkirasoise‬ have started a new initiative…

“Kaamchor’s Street Celebration”… KKRS not just believes in quick cooking but it’s….Cooking and BEYOND!

Summer has come, at KKRS it’s a Celebration for us! Suggestion to all my lovely ‪#‎Kaamchors‬ Please don’t throw your empty mineral water, juice or cold drink bottles. Please fill it with water, freeze it overnight and next day when you step out, please carry these chilled bottles with you. Just distribute on the roadside to poor people. Believe me when you stop without their expectation and give them cold water bottle in this scorching heat their smile will make your day!

#kaamchorkirasoise distributed 10 liters of Nimbu Pani to extremely special people!!
Lets make them ‪#‎Smile‬ and ‪#‎Happy‬!!
Do share with us your special pics or any such ‪#‎pleasant‬‪#‎moments‬!

KKRS Street Celebration

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