A better solution to make the meal for yourself that is quick and easy!

Pressed for time? Too busy or too tired to cook? With today’s hectic lifestyle… With deadlines to meet, after work cocktails, frequent dining out, late nights and early mornings, it’s easy to forget how simple it is to take control of your health it may seem quicker and easier to heat up a ready-prepared meal or even grab a takeaway. Unfortunately if you don’t know what’s gone into the meal, how do you know whether it’s healthy or not? A better solution is to make the meal yourself, that way you know exactly what’s been used and cooked, in NO time…and here comes the Role of a True KAAMCHOR!!!

Kaamchor are those who are a foodie and that’s what I am…I love food. I love eating food, I love reading about it, I love writing about it, and even I love shopping for it. So, I decided to blog about my style of food…cooking…eating…and lots more…

Hopefully this KAAMCHOR will inspire you to cook, or cook more often…like it’s in the twinkling of an eye, Or maybe it will inspire you to try something you’ve never tasted before…never thought before or even never knew much about it before… Everyone can, and should, cook. After all – we need to eat!

Let’s Be Real

No matter how hard you try, having a busy lifestyle means there’s probably going to be a day when you just can’t avoid ordering takeout, but getting a meal on the run doesn’t mean you have to eat unhealthy. Stay away from value meals and tailor your choices to your lifestyle in a Kaamchor Style!

Pave the path

It helps immerse yourself in what you potentially want to do. Being involved, learning firsthand and observing the craft and absorbing all you can, make it easier to define what you want. It will also ultimately make you a better KAAMCHOR, which tells us that – You don’t have to be a great chef or even a particularly good cook to experience proper kitchen alchemy; also you do not have to spend hours or entire day, the moment when ingredients combine to form something more appetizing IT’S THERE…

Certainly in my instance I wasn’t a born cook.  Not by a long shot.  I grew into being a cook. I never had any inclination to cook for myself or for any specific occasion…It was always the ingredients that have given me an idea…thought…inspiration to make something out of the world…  Sometimes I was praised for something I cooked and realized I might have a knack, an aptitude, an ability to prepare food.  In between the praise, I ate a lot of mistakes!  Often I was the brunt of jokes born from some culinary fiasco.  For me, every time I failed in the kitchen I kept returning to try to correct the failure – attempting to make the recipe better – becoming more efficient and savvy in the kitchen.  I wanted to take charge.  The kitchen was mine!  And frankly, no one was fighting me for it.

For me, embracing cooking helped me fight loneliness and eased me through a really tough time in my life.  The act of cooking continues to help me negotiate rough patches in life.  It gives me a productive activity that allows me to think things through.  I am so grateful at my core to be able to cook.

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t.

All the words…thoughts…outlined above are definitely easy to implement in your day to day busy life, regardless of how busy it might be. Just remember the key to a healthy and balanced life starts with dedication, and if you’re just as dedicated to your health as you are to your busy work schedule, then you’re bound to succeed.

For all your worries/problems/negligence there is one stop shop…you just need to click the button on to the link  | https://twitter.com/KaamchorKiRasoi | https://www.facebook.com/KaamchorKiRasoiSe


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